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Tandoor oven for sale

Tandoor ovens for sale in Canada & USA!

Tandoori Morni is your one-stop destination for authentic tandoor ovens in Canada and USA. With our premium collection of tandoors, you can now recreate the rich flavors of Indian cuisine within the comfort of your own home (no more restaurant reservations needed!)

Our tandoor ovens are readily available in major cities across Canada and the United States. From Toronto to Calgary, New York to Boston, you can find a variety of tandoor ovens catering to different preferences and budgets.

You no longer need to travel miles to enjoy your favorite tandoori dishes (what could be better?). The convenience of having your own tandoor oven is now within reach. Whether you reside in Houston or Mississauga, having your own tandoor oven is now easier than ever before.

Home tandoors for sale

You know those huge, traditional tandoori ovens that restaurants use to cook delicious tandoori dishes? Well, tandoors were primarily associated with professionals due to their large size and high maintenance. But with our user-friendly home tandoor models, everyone can make it without sacrificing the authenticity of tandoori cooking.

  • Compact design: Unlike traditional tandoor ovens, home tandoors are designed with space efficiency in mind. They come in various sizes, making them suitable for apartments, condos, and smaller kitchens.
  • Easy to use: Home tandoors are remarkably user-friendly, with features like adjustable temperature settings and more control.
  • Quick heating: Modern tandoor ovens utilize advanced heating technology, reducing the preheating time significantly. This means you can whip up quick & easy tandoori dishes in no time.
  • Healthier cooking: Tandoor cooking involves the use of high temperatures, which seal in the natural juices of the ingredients. Allow you to cook with minimal oil, making your tandoori dish healthier and more nutritious.
  • Versatility: Home tandoors offer the versatility to grill, roast, and bake a wide range of dishes. From kebabs and naan bread to vegetables and even desserts, the possibilities are endless.
How to choose the perfect tandoor oven?

Adding a home tandoor to your backyard means you and your family can now enjoy the same authentic flavors in your homemade meals, all while saving time and money. But tandoor ovens can be expensive… they require proper installation and servicing, so it’s best to explore your options carefully based on your specific needs & requirements.

Here are some factors to consider before purchasing a home tandoor oven.

  1. Size

    The dimensions and the amount of food you want to prepare will dictate the tandoor size that’s perfect for you. Larger tandoors provide ample room for multiple skewers and have broader surfaces for naans, parathas, and flatbreads. This enables you to cook for many people in one go but takes up a LOT of space.

    If you’re only going to be cooking for 3-4 people within your home, it’s probably best to go for a smaller, more portable option.

  2. Fuel

    Tandoors can run on many fuels like charcoal, propane, gas, or electricity. Charcoal tandoor grills are great if you want an authentic flavor profile for your dishes. They impart a delicious smokiness that is truly characteristic of tandoori-style cuisine.

    But if you’re new to tandoori cooking, propane tandoor ovens give you better temperature control – a major challenge due to the heat retention nature of tandoors. Alternatively, opt for a natural gas tandoor to cut back on fuel expenses.

  3. Materials

    When buying a tandoor oven, make sure you carefully assess the materials that align with your culinary needs & requirements. At Tandoor Morni we have tandoors with stainless steel and clay bodies for optimal insulation. Our tandoors are reliable – using robust & high quality materials – to give you the ideal cooking equipment for virtually any skill level.

  4. Brand reputation

    Thoroughly research the brand reputation of your chosen tandoor. Prioritize vendors with strong customer service and warranty coverage. Our tandoors hold NSF and CFA certifications, attesting to their safety for use in the USA and Canada, showcasing our commitment to quality and safety.

Start cooking with your tandoor today!

Owning a tandoor oven opens up a whole new world of tandoori possibilities to wow your family and friends with restaurant-quality feasts. From classic tandoori chicken & juicy lamb kebabs to delicious paneer tikka and oh-so-heavenly garlic naan, the only limitation is your imagination!

To make your own signature tandoori dishes, experiment with different marinades, spices, and cooking techniques. And...if you’re looking for unique tandoori chicken, naan, and seafood recipes, you can check them out here.

Take a look at our collection! We have tandoors for every size of backyard, with price points to fit just about any budget. So, order your desired home tandoor right away, because it is time to put on your aprons and start tandooring!

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